What You Need to Know to Succeed in Public Procurement (Part Two)

What You Need to Know to Succeed in Public Procurement (Part Two)

In our first part we shared the basic information that would help the entrepreneur to know how to win the government tenders, now many of the young entrepreneurs in the business feel that the government tenders they do not like to win. Very likely indeed.

As the Kinyarwanda language clearly explains, when it comes to government procurement, it requires winning. Winning something requires competition. What does this mean? It's not like being awarded a government contract is out of the blue for your contractor. It requires competition and the entrepreneur who outperforms the others is the winner.

So what does it take for an entrepreneur to win a government tender?

The requirements therefore fall into two categories. The first step is that there are documents (documents) that the contractor must have. The second step is the contractor's bid file. This file also has two parts. The part related to how the tender will be done (Technical Proposal) and the part related to the prices the contractor has determined for the tender (Financial Proposal).

So here are the documents that you need to submit in the Light Technology system to have your file of the source approved and valued:

Valid RRA Non Clearance Certificate
Valid RSSB Certificate
Proof of purchase of tender document
Bid Security. Here you work with an insurance company or bank to provide you with this insurance. Each bid depending on its value, the issuing company determines the amount of insurance that the contractor must provide.

The documents issued by the Rwanda Revenue Authority and the Rwanda Social Security Board mentioned above must be no more than three months old. What does it mean? Every three months the issued certificate loses its validity. Are you an entrepreneur who wants to be more competitive in government tenders that require applications every three months?

In the third part of this story, we will share with you how the points are given/determined for those who compete in the government markets and we will also share with you what is included in the file.